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The birds listed here are currently up for adoption.  Please DO NOT request additional information on a parrot unless you are an ELIGIBLE candidate.  


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Ruby-Gold Macaw

Species:  Blue and Gold Macaw

Name:  Jack

Sex/Age:  Unknown, ~ over 20 years old

Tame:  Can be if worked with

Behavior:  Yells ma sometimes, can be aggressive, but if worked with, can be a nice bird

Plucking:  Plucks chest feathers

Vet checked:  15 years ago

Talk:  Says a few words

Diet:  Pretty Bird Macaw Diet, Nuts, Vegetables

Reason for Re-homing:  Daughter adopted bird from BOCES classroom over 15 years ago.  She is getting married and parents contemplating moving to FL

Notes:  Bird was in a classroom setting and we sat for it during the summer months, but we found we could give Jack a better home than he had at school.  Unfortunately we have eight birds and he hasn't gotten enough time to be trained properly.


To be placed by mid 2019


May 2018







Scarlet Macaw


Blue/Gold Macaw


Species:  Scarlet Macaw

Name:  Skittles

Gender/Age:  DNA Female, 3 years old

Tame:  3-4 hours daily

Behavior:  I think she doesn't know her own strength. When she is playing she bites too hard.

Plucking:  Started over-preening. Chewing from the tips of her feathers and working her way down. Recently she has started to pluck chest areas.

Vet:  Unknown

Talk:  Says Hi

Diet:  Zupreem pellet base. Eats a variety of fruits and vegetables whenever I eat.

Reason for Re-homing:  I took this parrot on from somebody who bought it as an impulse. I already have a Catalina macaw and felt bad for the Scarlet so I took her in. They share a cage now. The cage she came in was unbelievably small. The overpreening I feel has worked its way to the both of them. They overpreen each other. My Catalina has never had any feather problems until this new bird was introduced.

Notes:  I have the original cage which came with the bird when I took her in. this is not a suitable cage for a parrot this size though.


To be placed ASAP


August 2018


Scarlet Macaw

Stock Photo

Species:  Blue & Gold Macaw

Name:  Joker

Gender/Age: Male; 20 years old

Tame:  1-2 hours a day if that

Behavior:  Not enough attention

Plucking:  None

Vet:  September 2018

Talk:  Good

Diet:  Fresh fruit, zupreem pellets for large birds, nuts/seeds one every 2 weeks for a treat

Reason for Re-homing:  Divorce my husband; left him and I work 2 jobs now and cannot spend quality time with him. I have to travel quite a bit. He is in perfect health; I can supply all the vet records. I get him checked yearly and also go to the vet to get his nails clipped.

Notes:  I could really use some advice or help on how to place Joker in a good home. I have a very large cage.


To be placed December 1, 2018


November 2018


Blue & Gold Macaw

Species:  Blue & Gold Macaw

Name:  Doc

Gender/Age: Unknown

Tame:  Not yet

Behavior:  Sometimes goes to bite and screams

Plucking:  None


Talk:  Says many words

Diet:  Seeds, nutes and all fresh fruit

Reason for Re-homing:  My daughter (2) has ASD

Notes:  Has cage, however, is not caged. Enjoys spending time outside of cage.


To be placed November 1, 2019


November 2018


Blue & Gold Macaw

Stock Photo

I have someone interested in me! Wings crossed! 


Species:  Scarlet Macaw

Name:  Sydney

Sex/Age:  Female, 17 years old

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Vet checked:  February 2018

Talk:  Yes, says hello and whistles

Diet:  Seed mix, pellets, fruit and pasta

Reason for Re-homing:  Moving out of state.

Notes:  Sweet parrot, good pet.


January 2019