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The birds listed here are currently up for adoption.  Please DO NOT request additional information on a parrot unless you are an ELIGIBLE candidate.

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Other Species


Species:  Senegal

Name:  Barney

Age/Sex:  17 years old, sex unknown

Diet:  Variety of pellets, nuts, clementines

Plucking:  None

Tame:  Yes

Talk:  Hello, Good Morning, Barney

Cage included

Reason for re-homing:  Housing situation is changing


Must be placed ASAP



I have a new home!


Species:  Quaker Parrot

Name:  Greenie

Age/Sex:  6 year old male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  Occasionally

Behavior:  He's a nipper

Talk:  Yes

Diet:  Pellets with some seed and treats mixed in

Reason for re-homing:  Can't give him the attention he deserves.  I work full-time and will be getting married soon.


October 2015 




Species:  Mustache Parrot

Name:  Quackers

Age/Sex:  ~8 year old male

Vet Checked:  2008

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  Yes

Behavior:  Normal

Talk:  Beginner

Diet:  Bird seed, peanuts, snappeas and other veggies/fruits

Reason for re-homing:  Death of loved one (owner)

Notes:  We are trying to find a home for this parrot as soon as possible.  He really needs a loving home and someone who will interact with him.

Must be Placed:  ASAP


November 2015




Mustache Parakeet

I have a

foster home!


Species:  White-bellied Caique

Name:  Kiko

Age/Sex:  12 years old, unknown (referred to as a female)

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Can be unpredictable with biting

Diet:  Seed, fruit, veggies, walnuts, cashews, pistachios

Reason for re-homing:  Owner had spinal surgery, finding it hard to take care of Kiko.  

Notes:  Kiko is currently being fostered.  Kiko would be good in a home where the person has caique experience.  Home with kids not recommended.


July 2016




White-bellied Caique


Species:  Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet)

Name:  Bobber

Age/Sex:  ~3 years old, unknown (referred to as a female)

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  She's loud and doesn't get along with men.  She can be nippy.

Vet:  Within the last year

Diet:  Zupreem small pellets

Reason for re-homing:  Not enough time to dedicate to her and she spends most of the day alone.  Bobber does not like husband--she gets along better with girls.

Notes:  She is very loving and affectionate to the owner.  It's going to be hard to let her go, but they know it's for the best for the bird to place her in a home where she'll get more attention.


May 2016




Quaker Parrot


Quaker Parrot


Species:  White-bellied Caique

Name:  Athena

Age/Sex:  5 years old, female

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Bites

Diet:  Seed and fresh fruits

Talk:  What are you doing?  Good girl.

Reason for re-homing:  She only goes into her cage to sleep.  She constantly tries to bite owner.

Notes:  She was gentle and friendly.  Her behavior changed three years ago.  Owner now afraid of her.  Doesn't want to keep her locked up.


June 2016 




Species:  White-Cap Pionus

Name:  Billy Bob

Age/Sex:  Unknown age, male

Tame:  Some

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Likes men better than women

Diet:  Seed

Talk:  A little

Reason for re-homing:  Moving

Notes:  Would like to see him to to a good family


June 2016 




White-cap Pionus


Species:  Red-bellied Parrot

Name:  Scarlett

Age/Sex:  2.5 year old female

Tame:  Somewhat

Vet:  Fall of 2015

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Nippy at times

Diet:  Pellets, fresh fruit & veggies

Talk:  Very good

Reason for re-homing:  There are other pets and kids in the house.  Scarlett is demanding of a lot of attention.  She has to go back into her cage due to her disruptive behavior.  Owner unable to give her the attention she deserves.  She feels she would have a much better life in the appropriate environment.

Notes:  We have a large, full set up cage that would accompany Scarlett.  


September 2016 (as of May 2018, Scarlett is still available)




Red-bellied Parrot

I have a new home!


Species:  Black-headed Caiques

Name:  Pip and Sprout

Age/Sex:  5 & 6 years old; male & female

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No, beautifully feathered.  

Behavior:  Make noise when they want attention.  Female can bite sometimes.

Talk:  No

Diet:  Harrisons, raw fruits & veggies including mango, apple, carrot, celery, peppers, chia seeds, edaname, corn and almonds for treats

Reason for re-homing:  We need the space to expand our human family.  Bird require more attention than we are and will be able to give them once we have children.

Notes:  Only looking for experienced bird owners and they must be kept together as they are best friends.  We have no strict deadline for placement at this moment.


April 2017



Black-headed Caiques


Species:  Black-headed Caiques

Name:  Spencer & Kennedy

Age/Sex:  Spencer-15 year old Male; Kennedy-8 year old Female

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  None

Talk:  No

Diet:  Pellets, seeds, fresh fruit & veggies, pasta & other simple table food

Reason for re-homing:  We had twins and our apt doesn't have room where we can handle them

Notes:  This is a bonded pair--they should not be split up.  Both are tame and easily handled by me--they know a couple of tricks and love attention/play time.


April 2017



Species:  Black-headed Caique

Name:  Franklin

Age/Sex:  15 Year Old Male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Can be loud, sometimes screams for attention

Talk:  No words, does make various noises with intent to communicate.  Nods his head "yes" when he wants something

Diet:  Pellets, seeds, fresh fruit & veggies, simple table food

Reason for re-homing:  We had twins and our apt doesn't have room.  His calls are too loud to keep him in our bedroom.

Notes:  Franklin nows a few tricks (turns around and waves hi).  He does not like small babies.  He does not get along with other birds.


April 2017



Black-headed Caique

Stock Photo


White-cap Pionus

Stock Photo


Species:  Indian Ringneck

Name:  Indiana (Indie)

Age/Sex:  Approx. 3 1/2 Year Old Male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No feather issues

Behavior:  Likes attention, screams at times, whistles

Talk:  Evidenced potentional, but hasn't learned words. Whistles and kisses.

Diet:  Seeds, fresh fruit & veggies, bread, rice, pasta.

Reason for re-homing:  Family member has medical problems and needs quieter environment. I am caregiver. Birds seeks attention adn can get angry and scream when ignored.

Notes:  I have had him for 3 years since he was a baby and love him very much. However, I think he would be happier in a home where he would get more attention and affection than I can give him. He is a beautiful bird and very intelligent.


December 2017



Indian Ringneck

I have a new home!


Species:  Bee Bee Parrot

Name:  Cobie

Age/Sex:  One year old/sex unknown

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Attention screaming

Talk:  Yes, says 'pretty bird'

Diet:  Hyacinth parrot food

Reason for re-homing:  I have a green cheek conure my daughter has allergies from and requires everyday cleaning. I inherited Cobie from a deceased relative.


Must be placed/fostered by 3/1/18


February 2018



Bee Bee Parrot


I'm staying


I have a new home!

Species:  Quaker Parrot

Name:  Buster

Age/Sex:  Age unknown/male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Bites through cage

Talk:  A couple of words

Diet:  Parrot/cockatiel mixed seed

Reason for re-homing:  Was my fathers bird (he passed away) and I have a couple of cats. I work 2 jobs and can't devote time to bird. I am also moving to a small apartment as of July.


Must be placed/fostered by 6/30/18


March 2018



Quaker Parrot

Stock Photo


We have a

new home!

Species:  Quaker Parrot

Name:  Peppy

Age/Sex:  ~9 years old/unknown sex

Tame:  Yes--can step up

Plucking:  Plucks on belly, under wings, posterior between wings and 3 tail feathers.  He does fly

Behavior:  Talks, sings, cage aggressive, plays with readers w/o magnification and builds inside cage with them, bites, hormonal

Talk:  Approximately 180 word vocabulary

Diet:  Seeds, pellets--Zupreem natural and fruit; veggies, loves broccoli, snow peas, grapes, strawberries, apples

Reason for re-homing:  Multiple Sclerosis

Notes:  He needs a loving home and someone is is responsible, keeps cage clean, changes water 2x/day


Must be placed by 4/22/19


May 2018



Quaker Parrot

Stock Photo


I have a new home!

Species:  Canary-winged Parakeet

Name:  Kiwi

Age/Sex:  ~1 years old/unknown sex

Vet:  ~1 year ago

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Screams and bites unfamiliar people

Talk:  No

Diet:  Nutrient-enriched seed

Reason for re-homing:  Don't have enough time for Kiwi


Must be placed by 6/4/19


May 2018



Canary-winged Parakeet

Stock Photo


Species:  Senegal

Name:  MacNugget

Age/Sex:  6 years old/unknown sex

Tame:  Very hand tame

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Aggressive towards other birds

Talk:  No (gives kisses)

Diet:  Seed

Reason for re-homing:  MacNugget is aggressive towards other bird in the house

Notes:  MacNugget is a great Senegal.  Fully flighted and is very loving towards people; however, not other birds.  Probably better if she's the only bird.


Must be placed by 7/4/18


May 2018






Species:  Bee Bee Parrot

Name:  Rio

Age/Gender:  1.4 years old/unknown gender

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  None

Behavior:  Overall, very good bird. Likes attention and does squawk

Talk:  No, but we keep trying

Diet:  Nuts and seeds mix

Reason for re-homing:  Rio need more attention than we can give

Notes:  Rio is very sweetand loves to sit on your shoulder and be with you.


Must be placed by 7/4/18


May 2018



Bee Bee Parrot



Species:  Caique

Name:  Gudo and Henry

Age/Gender:  4 years old/Male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Screams sometimes bites

Talk:  Sometimes

Diet:  Parrot Food

Reason for re-homing:  Noise complaint

Notes: Looking to adopt together



May 2018






Species:  Black-Capped Caique

Name:  Milo

Age/Gender:  5 years old/Male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Temperamental at times, can bite

Talk:  No

Diet:  Seeds

Reason for re-homing:  Not home a lot and cannot give Milo the attention he deserves




May 2018



Black-capped Caique

(Stock Photo)



Species:  Indian Ring Neck

Name:  Jude

Age/Gender:  7 years old/Male

Tame:  No, but will sit on shoulder/arm

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Although we have tried very hard over the last 5 years to hand-tame Jude, he has never liked hands.  He is very protective and attached to our other bird, Abbey, the green-cheeked conure

Talk:  Yes, talks and whistles

Diet:  Healthy Select Parrot Food, Lafeber treats, fruits and veggies

Reason for re-homing:  Moving out of state

Notes:  We would like Jude and Abbey to be adopted together as they are very protective and attached to each other and we do not think they would be happy living without one another.  (see Abbey under the Conure link)


June 2018


I have a new home!


Black-headed Caique


Species:  Quaker Parakeet

Name:  Zoomer

Age/Gender:  18 year-old male

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  Zoomer does bite and squawk, but not an abnormal amount for a parrot.  He's more prone to biting when he's around his cage but gets docile when he's removed from it

Talk:  Marginal

Diet:  Harrison's pellets and assorted veggies

Reason for re-homing:  Owner lost his job and is planning to move away in the fall.

Notes:  Zoomer broke his shoulder a few years ago and received vet care for it.  However, because of this injury, his wing sticks up and he can't fly anymore, but has has no other issues as a results.  Also, his beak sometimes needs trimming, but blood work ruled out any underlying health issues.


Placed by 10/15/18


August 2018



Quaker Parakeet




Indian Ringneck

Stock Photo


Species:  Meyers

Name:  Kiki

Age/Gender:  3 years old; unknown

Tame:  Yes

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  None

Talk:  Yes, says name, Kiki bird, Hi, Take the bird and maizy

Diet:  Mixed parrot seeds

Reason for re-homing:  Decided about a year ago he loves my husband who is in a wheelchair. Have had to keep him in cage due to this. He is usually clipped but when he's not he also runs the risk of getting out as it takes my husband a little longer to get out a door and Kiki usually flies to him whenever he sees him.

Notes:  he is usually clipped. he is ready for a clipping now is beginning to fly short distances


November 2018







I have a new home!