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The birds listed here are currently up for adoption.  Please DO NOT request additional information on a parrot unless you are an ELIGIBLE candidate.  


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Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Conelio

Age/Sex:  7 years old male

Plucking:  No

Behavior:  He bites and screams

Diet:  Parrot Food (seed mix),

Talk:  A few words

Tame:  Yes


Must be placed ASAP


Umbrella Cockatoo


Species:  DuCorps Cockatoo

Name:  Angel

Age/Sex: 12 year old male

Plucking:  No

Diet:  Parrot Blend

Behavior:  Doesn't like wife, husband's bird

Talk:  Speaks a few words

Tame:  Yes

Vet:  2014

Reason for Re-homing: Back to work, not a lot of time to give to him

Notes:  Beautiful, rare cockatoo breed.


October 2015 


DuCorps Cockatoo

Stock Photo


Moluccan Cockatoo


Species:  Goffins Cockatoo

Name:  Peanuts

Age/Sex: 6 Year Old Male

Plucking:  Yes

Diet: Lettuce and bird food

Behavior:  Picking feathers

Talk:  Yes

Tame:  Not now

Reason for Re-homing: Not getting any attention


May 2016 

Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Tucker

Age/Sex: 5 Year Old Male

Plucking:  No

Diet: Bird food

Behavior:  Occasional screaming

Talk:  Yes, a few words

Tame:  Yes

Reason for Re-homing: I am Tucker's original owner and had to place him with a family friend due to living with mother--mother wanted Tucker placed outside the home.  Temporary foster cannot keep him anymore due to screaming and having a yound child.


May 2016 


Goffins Cockatoo


Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Satin

Age/Sex: 35 + Year Old Female

Plucking:  No

Vet:  A couple of years ago

Diet: Pellets, people food, nuts, avi-cakes, nutriberries, corn on the cob

Behavior:  None--not a chronic screamer--regular 'too noises

Talk:  No

Tame:  YES!

Reason for Re-homing: Owner is getting older and wants to find a home for her before she can no longer care for her.

Notes:  Satin has lived with a calm dog


May 2016

Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Cleo

Age/Sex: ~23 Year Old Female

Plucking:  On her chest, she has gotten better over time

Diet: Protein pellets, fruit pellets, peanuts, sunflower seeds, table scraps, fruit, veggies

Behavior:  Screaming, has bitten

Talk:  A Little--says hey baby and scratchy, scratchy

Tame:  Yes

Reason for Re-homing: Cleo is aggressive with children.  Lack of ability to give one-on-one attention

Notes:  Owner had no parrot experience when Cleo was adopted.  Owner believes that behavior issues are due to lack of attention.  Cleo doesn't come out of her cage since she can bite.  She recently started to bite kid's fingers when they hand her food.


November 2016 


Umbrella Cockatoo


Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Chloe

Age/Sex: 12 Year Old, Female

Plucking:  No

Diet: Nuts, seeds, fruit

Behavior:  Screams during day, will bite people she doesn't know

Talk:  Some words

Tame:  Somewhat

Reason for Re-homing: She needs someone who can spend a lot of time with her.


December 2016 


Umbrella Cockatoo



Umbrella Cockatoo





Goffins Cockatoo

Stock Photo


I'm staying home!

Species:  Goffins Cockatoo

Name:  Malibu

Age/Sex: ~17 year old Female

Plucking:  No

Vet:  Approximately 2014

Tame: Yes

Diet: Parrot seed blend with nutriberries, mixed nuts and occasional apple slices for a snack

Behavior:  Squawks a bit, especially at night; playful, well-behaved, dances with the kids

Talk:  Some talking

Reason for Re-homing: Growing family

Notes:  Malibu is absolutely wonderful, playful and well-behaved.  Pretty brilliant too.  Family really loves her, but with the growing family, we feel it's best for Malibu.



May 2018


Goffins Cockatoo


I have a new home!

Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Angel

Age/Sex: ~20+ year old Female

Plucking:  A little on her chest

Vet:  2010

Tame: Yes

Diet: Bird seed, peanuts, lettuce and other veggies

Behavior:  Due to lack of attention, she at times has bitten me.  It's not a normal behavior problem for her.  Personal issues has prevented owner from spending time with Angel.  Owner has had her for at least a decade and Angel truly deserves of loving family.

Talk:  Hello Angel

Reason for Re-homing: My husband and I are estranged and I'm permanently disabled.  Angel deserves a loving, nurturing environment (she's not in that now).


To be placed by: August 1, 2018 


July 2018


Umbrella Cockatoo


Species:  Cockatoo

Name:  Buddy

Age/Sex: Age unknown; Male

Plucking:  No feather issues

Vet:  6/22/2013

Tame: For males yes; females not sure

Diet: Nutriberries

Behavior:  Bites if teased and screams

Talk:  He says 'hello'

Reason for Re-homing: I am moving and have no space to take him in our travels nor in the new house

Notes: He is a male friendly bird for the most part.


To be placed by: August 30, 2018 


July 2018



Stock Photo

Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Sammy

Age/Gender: Age unknown; Male


Vet: N/A

Tame: Yes

Diet: Store brought Parrot Food (will provide), sunflower seeds (he loves them), fruits (like apples) and chicken

Behavior:  Screams when he wants attention, and bites if threaten

Talk:  He can say 'hello' and mimic noises

Reason for Re-homing: Neighbors complained about his screaming and landlord said we can't keep him anymore :-(

Notes: He loves attention and once he is used to you, he wil love you. Loves to be pet and handled.


To be placed by: October 4, 2018


August 2018


Umbrella Cockatoo


Species:  Triton Cockatoo

Name:  BB

Age/Gender: 15 year old/Male

Plucking:  None

Tame: Yes

Diet: Pellets, Safflower Mix, Fruit

Behavior:  Intermittent screaming. Does not like small children.

Talk:  30+ words.

Reason for Re-homing: Attempts to attack my children and will scream due to the lack of being out.


To be placed by: ASAP


September 2018


Triton Cockatoo


Species:  Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Name:  Darby

Age/Gender: 27 years old; Female

Plucking:  Plucks

Vet: ?

Tame: Yes

Diet: Kaytee Fiesta Parrot Mix

Behavior:  Nips, screams for attention

Talk:  Limited

Reason for Re-homing: Darby was inherited. Although she can be very sweet when spendign time with her, because of our work schedules, she spends a great deal of time along.

Notes: Darby deserves a home where she has an opportunity to be loved and socialized. Our current work schedules do not allow for us to spend as much with her as we'd like or as she deserves and playing music and hanging toys has not improved the situation. I hope she can find a forever home where she will find all that and more.


To be placed by: November 30, 2018


November 2018


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Species:  Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Name:  Babybird

Age/Gender: 21 years old; Male

Plucking:  Plucks

Vet: Can't remember, he's a healthy bird

Tame: Yes

Diet: Lefebbers seed balls, a few peanuts, have large hookbill seed mix

Behavior:  Bites occasionally, but gives warning signs first. Some screaming.

Talk:  Hello and some babbling

Reason for Re-homing: Joining the military, everyone else in house is scared of bird or doesn't want responsibility

Notes: I love this bird and have had him for over ten years, sadly, I have to place him because my life has evolved differently than I anticipated. I joined the military earlier this year and will be shipping out to Texas December 4, 2018. I would like the opportunity to stay in touch with the person I rehome Babybird  with for updates and to answer any questions they may have.


To be placed by: December 1, 2018


November 2018


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Species:  Umbrella Cockatoo

Name:  Angelo

Age/Gender: Approx. 10 years old; Male

Plucking:  No

Vet: About 5 years ago

Tame: Yes

Diet: Pellets, seed mix

Behavior:  Will scream if left in cage too long

Talk:  No

Reason for Re-homing: Too aggressive with 2 of my cats

Notes: Very affectionate bird, loves to sit on my lap and get hugs. Loves my 1 cat.


To be placed by: January 1, 2019


November 2018


Umbrella Cockatoo

Stock Photo

I have a new home!