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Photo Credit: Professional Photos on this site by Christopher Appoldt


Lost 2016

LOST or FOUND a missing bird? Please contact us and we will do our best to bring them home!

We hope this helps by providing a place to list lost birds.  Whatever you do, don't give up without a fight.  Make sure you put up posters, contact local vets, pet stores and clubs.  

Check the newspaper.  Many papers will list lost pet ads for free.  Please try to prevent this page from getting any larger by clipping your parrots wings, and being careful around open doors and windows.  


Long Island Parrot Society 

NOTE:  Communication between the parties is solely their responsibility.  Although we do our best to verify information,  We cannot vouch for the veracity of people posting information through this list.  We are trying to provide a service to people who may be distraught over the loss of their beloved pet and potentially reunite owners with their pets.  We have no information in addition to what is listed below. 

Please contact us and let us know if you were reunited with your bird because of our listing!!


African Grey

Lost: 3/17/2016

Last Seen: 88th St at Northern Blvd. Jackson Heights, NY

Additional Information: Reward will be offered for safe return.

Contact: Miguel

Phone Number: 646-393-7572 or 347-724-5517

Not Actual Bird

Photo for example only! 


Grey Cockatiel

Lost: 2/28/2016

Last Seen: 62nd St and 39th Ave Woodside, NY

Additional Information: He's a grey cockatiel, and he's tame. Please contact me if you find him. We are very heart broken. We are willing to give a small reward.

Contact: anindita.cems@gmail.com 


Blue and Gold Macaw

Lost: 2/28/2016

Last Seen: 8436-102nd Ave Ozone Park, NY-

Contact: 347-524-5544 



Lost: 2/14/2016

Last Seen: East Northport, NY

Additional Information:  Her name is Kiwi and she is a picker.  She is missing feathers on her back legs and stomach.  She is extremely friendly and outgoing.  She has full flight feathers and loves peanuts.


Sun Conure

Lost 2/29/2016

Last Seen: S. Bayles Ave & Willowdale Ave

Port Washington, NY

Additional Information: Her name is Chloe, she is a yellow and orange Sun Conure with green and blue feathers towards the end of her tail.  She is very friendly.  Please do not chase or scare.  REWARD IF FOUND!

Contact: Catherine

Email: Catherinehazoury@icloud.com

Phone Number: 347-451-6065


Congo African Grey

Lost 4/22/2016

Last Seen: Mastic, Shirley, Mastic Beach area - NY

Additional Information: At 9 am this morning my parrot Peppi flew out the door.  She is grey with white around the eyes and has a red tail.  A reward will be given for safe return.

Contact: 631-615-9972

Pauly: 5 year old male

Meyer's Parrot

Lost: 4/12/2016

Last seen: 90th street & elmhurst ave, one block from the train

Elmhurst, NY

Additional Information: He has a silver band on his left leg. He is mostly grey but has a yellow patch on his head and around his eyes. His eyes are red. His belly is a blue green color with blue feathers under his wings and green feathers near his tail. His wings had been clipped a little recently. He has a little less yellow on his wings that most Meyers birds. A reward will be given for safe return

Contact: 917-444-6824




Kikko - 2 year old

Grey and White Cockatiel

Lost: 4/25/2016 -4/29/2016

Last Seen: Atlantic Beach, NY

Additonal Information: very friendly, was either taken from my house or was let out accidetly.  Around the 25-29 of April.

Contact: Ana

Phone Number: 516-286-8801

Email: aloucel@aol.com

Char Char

Grey and Yellow Cockatiel

Lost: 5/1/2016

Last Seen: Brookwood Lane, near Gazzola Dr. and Patchogue Yaphank Rd. East Patchogue, NY

Contact: Jami

Phone Number: 631-576-6144





Blue and White Female Parakeet

Lost: 5/8/2016

Last Seen: Near River Rd. Smithtown, NY

Contact: Toni

Phone Number: 870-636-1958

Email: tonicicala@gmail.com




Green Bee Bee Parrot

Lost: 5/20/2016

Last Seen: Massapequa, NY

Leg Band: Yes

Additional Information: My Bee Bee Parrot got lost yesterday at around 2:45, she could be anywhere in the Massapequa, Seaford, or Amittyville area, she's a small parakeet sized green bodied yellow winged bird.  She is friendly and hand tamed. Possibly hungry/thirsty.  She has full flight ability so please be careful not to scare her.

Contact: Talan

Phone Number: 516-305-0506 ext. 516



Blue Parolett

Lost: 5/20/2016

Leg Band: Yes

Last Seen:Corner of Ave V & East 4th St. Gravesend, Brooklyn NY

Additional Information:  He’s a small blue bird. His wings look gray when folded and a beautiful darker blue when flying. He can clearly say “Pretty Bird”. He also has a band on his leg.  He’s a friendly bird and may land on someone’s head or shoulder. We’re devastated and very worried for him. If you find or see him please contact us immediately

Phone Number:  917-892-9501

Email:  dakurun@gmail.com


Congo African Grey - 12 weeks old

Lost 5/22/2016

Last Seen: Cross streets of 19 Noll street and Bushwhack ave Brooklynn NY

Leg Band: Yes

Additional Information: Like to chirp

Contact LIPS or 911 Parrot Alert if you have any information




Not Actual Bird!

Photo For

Example Only!


Pied Cockatiel - 18 Weeks

Lost: 5/23/2016

Last Seen: Westbury, NY

Additonal Information: Tweety is a sweet 18 week old Pied cockatiel that was startled and flew off into the woods area behind my house. He has not been seen since then but a picture has been attached to try and identify him. He responds to his name and will step up if approached slowly and finger is given to step up on to. He has a slightly abnormal looking toe on his right leg but still has full use of his feet. He loves cockatiel seed mix and will sit on your shoulder and preen himself.

Phone Number: 516-263-4917 or 516-390-5608

Email: drshwin92@gmail.com


Cockatoo - Sulphur Crested

Lost: 5/27/2016

Last Seen: Cross streets of Lexington and 3rd, Manhattan, NY

Lost: May 27, 2016

Banded: Yes

Additional Information: Harley is a very sweet , quiet Lovable Bird

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost and Found

Email: lostandfound@liparrotsociety.org


Congo African Gray

Lost: 6/4/2016

Last Seen: Cross streets of 221st St. & 100th Ave. Queens Village, NY

Leg Band: Yes

Contact: Yeffery

Phone Number: 212-748-9288

Email: keuryco@gmail.com


Congo African Gray - 14 Years Old

Lost: 6/3/2016

Last Seen: Jackson Heights, New York, 11372

Leg Band: Yes

Phone Number: 347-435-4999

Email: K.m.guaman@gmail.com


Lost: 5/6/2016

Last Seen: Smithtown, NY

Contact: Roland

Email: rrankel12345@gmail.com

Quaker Parrot

Lost: 6/19/2016

Last Seen: Route 112 & Joline Rd Port Jefferson NY

Additional Information:  If you live around this area please check in your backyards & the trees if you can see her or hear her. She is less then a 1 year old. She doesnt talk but she does go on your hand & she bites if she feels in danger.

Contact: Jennifer

Phone Number: 631-988-5602

Congo African Gray

Lost: 6/20/2016

Last Seen: Queens Village, NY

Leg Band: Yes

My African Grey got out around 8:00 PM around the Queens Village area he’s relatively heavier than most greys (fat)

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost and Found

Email: lostandfound@liparrotsociety.org


Congo African Gray

Lost: 6/22/2016 6pm

Last Seen: Brentwood, NY

Phone Number: 631-935-6725


Dusky Headed Conure

Lost: 6/24/2016

Last Seen: Roderick Rd near Udall Rd and Sunrise Hwy West Islip NY

Contact: Sara

Phone Number: 631-792-2934

Email: cuzzis719@aim.com

Not Actual Bird!

Photo For

Example Only!


Lost 9/2/2016 3 pm 

Location: Overton Pl. Babylon Village NY

Last Seen: John St and NY 231 West Isip NY

Leg Band: No

Additional Information: After escaping the bird was found by a nearby neighbor when it landed on his shoulder and proceeded to groom him. The neighbor unfortunately, brought it to a local pet store when the owner ignorantly said it must be a wild bird because it had no leg band. Despite being hand tame. Sadly the misinformed good Samaritan the released the bird Saturday 9/3/16 afternoon along John St and NY 231 where there is a colony of wild Quakers. The bird loves men and may seek out people.

Contact: Gary

Email: gagw69@hotmail.com


Male Indian Ring Neck

Lost: 8/20/2016

Last Seen: 237th St Bellrose NY

Addinitonal Information: Very friendly will not bite

Contact: 646-361-5068


Blue Crown Conure

Lost 9/6/2016

Last Seen: East 201st St at Decatur Ave, Bronx, NY

Additional Information: His wings have not been clipped . He responds to "Cookie" and "Hola" a bit timid if he does not know you **A reward is in order if found please help me it's greatly appreciated . It's my Grandmothers best friend she deeply miss him.

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Timneh African Grey

Lost: 9/5/2016

Last Seen: Selden NY

Contact: Sandy

Phone Number: 631-312-0708


Quaker Parrot

Lost: 9/8/2016

Last Seen: Renfrew Ave Elmont NY

Contact: 718-570-1869

Three Cockatiels

Lost: 9/13/2016

Last Seen: Near Imperial Ave and Leonard Blvd New Hyde Park, NY

Banded: No

Additional Information: All Pied Coloring

Contact: Robert

Phone Number: 516-693-2111


Female Cockatiel

Lost: 9/13/2016

Last Seen: Woodside, NY

Banded: No

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Congo African Grey

Lost: 9/17/2016

Last Seen:  55th St between Avenue H and Avenue I

Contact: Simone

Phone Number: 347-967-8414


Female Parakeet

Lost: 9/24/2016

Last See: 103rd St and Broadway New York, NY

Banded: No

Additional Information: white with blue wings and lemon color spots on a head

Email: tatyanaralk@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 646-321-0662

Senagal Parrot

Lost: 9/18/2016

Last Seen: E 26th St and Avenue I towards E 27th, Midwood Brooklyn NY

Contact: 718-916-0932

Turquoise Grass Parakeet

Lost: 10/4/2016

Last Seen: 70th St at Broadway Upper West Side NY,NY

Additional Information:  This rainbow parakeet (turquoise grass parakeet) flew away from its home on 70th Street between Columbus and Broadway and I am desperately looking for him

Contact: Jill

Phone Number: 646-334-1170

Seven Parakeets

Lost: 10/6/2016

Last Seen: Brooklyn NY

Additional Information: Descriptions: 1. mostly white, blue & speckled grey back; 2. lime and olive green with yellow; 3. yellow; 4. yellow; 5. yellow; 6. yellow head, green back; 7. mostly yellow with green speckles

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Congo African Grey

Lost: 10/7/2016

Last Seen: Brooklyn NY 11212

Leg Band: Yes

Additional Information: Noah is a very friendly parrot that allows touching especially if hungry. He has a small red dot above his left foot and does possess a band on his left foot. Owner will supply complete band information.

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Lost: 10/8/2016

Last Seen: Tottenville section of Staten Island, NY

Additional Information: He is friendly and answers to "step up" "good boy" and kissy sounds. I am offering a reward. My family is in tears.

Contact: Mary

Phone Number: 347-630-7860



Meyer's Parrot

Lost: 10/14/2016

Last Seen: South 5th St Lindenhurst NY

Additional Information: My escape artist has done it again! I lost my Meyer's Parrot this morning in South Lindenhurst, NY. His name is MiPi (pronounced (Mee-Pee). He is friendly, will fly away if you approach him with a perch. If you say "Step Up" he will climb on your finger.

Contact: Gina

Phone Number: 516-984-4615

Yellow Female Parakeet

Lost: 10/5/2016

Leg Band: Yes

Last Seen: Smithtown, NY

Additional Information: Yellow female parakeet escaped cage and flew up into a tree in The Pines section in Smithtown. She’s not very human friendly or finger trained. She has a mate awaiting her return!

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Crimson Bellied Conure - Female

Lost - 10/22/201

Last Seen - North Bellmore, NY

Leg Band - Yes

Additional Information - She is finger tame, has a bright red chest.

Contact - Arlene

Email : aap1116@aol.com

Blue Quaker Parrot

Lost: 10/26/2016

Last Seen: 25-03 95th St East Elmhurst NY

Leg Band: Yes

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Green Cheek Conure

Lost - 10/19/16

Last Seen - Valley Stream NY

Leg Band: Yes

Additional Information: Ruby will land on your head if you whistle

Contact: Long Island Parrot Society Lost & Found for additional information


Pineapple Green Cheek Conure


Last Seen: Oyster Bay NY

Leg Band? : Yes

Contact : Peter Kaufman

Email : kaufpet@gmail.com


Male Cockatiel

Lost: 11/5/2016

Last Seen: Duffy Ave in Hicksville NY

Leg Band: on right foot

Contact: Amber

Phone Number: 516-949-9566

Yellow Male Canary

Lost: 11/11/2016

Last Seen: 237th St Bellrose, NY

Contact: Jawad

Phone Number: 646-361-5068


Female Parakeet

Lost 10/15/16 10pm

Last Seen: 10 Sheridan Square(West 4th St and 7th Ave) - West Village NY

Email: agnesmerasz@gmail.com

Phone Number: 917-723-2253


Green Parakeet

Lost - 11/14/16

Last Seen: Near Oakwood and Pulaski Rd intersection Huntington NY

Contact: Frank

Phone Number: 631-902-5587


Hahns Macaw

Lost: 11/25/2016

Last Seen: Sunburst Dr & Cricket Ct. Deer Park NY

Additional Information: He is a young macaw who has green feathers with red on wingtips and a bare chest **Generous award will be given for safe return**

Contact: Franchesca

Phone Number: 631-357-4483

Email: fvalverde0112@icloud.com